Agreement, Consensus, Dispersion, and Polarization in R

The R package agrmt calculates agreement, consensus, concentration, dispersion, and polarization in ordered rating scales. It implements Cees van der Eijk's (2001) algorithmic measure of agreement A, which can be used to describe agreement, consensus, or polarization among respondents. The package also include a range of other functions to calculate agreement, consensus, or polarization.

The following functions are available in the package: agreement, polarization, ordinal dispersion, AJUS classification, ISD classification, and (multiple) modes. It also implements measures of consensus (dispersion) by Leik, Tatsle and Wierman, Blair and Lacy, Kvalseth, Berry and Mielke, and Garcia-Montalvo and Reynal-Querol. An implementation of Galtungs AJUS-system is provided to classify distributions, as well as a function to identify the position of multiple modes.

There is an implementation of van der Eijk's agreement for Stata available from Alejandro Ecker:

The R package agrmt is open source distributed under the MIT License. It is written and maintained by Didier Ruedin.

Last update 29 November 2018